Monday, February 17, 2014

25 week update!

How far along: 25 Weeks
Gender: Little man.
Weight gain: 13+ lbs.
Maternity clothes: Maternity tanks, leggings and regular over sized sweaters and flowy tops.
Stretch marks: No.
Belly button in or out: Half in and half out.
Sleep: Sleep is amazing. and I'm getting it, turning is extremely hard. 
Best moment this week: Going home early from work on Thursday because of the snow. My job NEVER closes and it was the first time they did since I've been working there.
Worst moment this week: The amount of snow and ice and cold :(
Miss anything: warm weather, my nephew, sushi, getting out of bed without help.
Movement: head in the ribs, always and his back turns and my belly gets so tight, its adorable but disabling lol.
Queasy or sick: No and I hope not to.
Looking forward to: finding a dress for my shower

Shopping is hard.

Hello! So I've been trying to find cute, flattering clothes that will fit my belly and I've been having a hard time.
Every time I go into a maternity section the clothes are awfully boring and way overpriced. So I've been settling for leggings and maternity tank tops to pair with my already loose fitting clothing. Its so not fun. I love fashion and dressing myself but not right now. I honestly want to lay in sweats and Tommy's super soft teeshirts all day long. And as for the days where I feel like dressing up, well,  that changes quickly. Which is also why I'm having such a hard time finding a dress for my shower. I tried on a few this weekend and like an idiot, I grabbed a small in one dress and was QUICKLY baffled by how far up my legs it didn't go! Haha. Granted I did find one dress that I loved and was perfect for the theme of my shower, THE ZIPPER WAS BROKEN. I should have bought it anyway and just had it fixed but I didn't because I knew the dress was on OR so I thought. It's gone. So now I don't know what to do. LOL But I did get this great sweater, It was perfect  for describing what was inside my belly.

Oversized BOY sweater

Monday, February 10, 2014

24 week update.

How far along: 24 Weeks
Gender: Little man.
Weight gain: 13 lbs. at the 24 week appt.
Maternity clothes: Busting out. Having trouble buying maternity clothes, or ones I like for that matter.
Stretch marks: No.
Belly button in or out: Half in and half out.
Sleep: Sleep is amazing. and I'm getting it :)
Best moment this week: spending some time with my sister Tara.
Worst moment this week:  The snow storm.
Miss anything: My jeans.
Movement: Constant. 
Cravings: Chocolate ice cream... and cheese.
Queasy or sick: No and I hope not to.
Looking forward to: Figuring out where our life will go after baby Smith is born.

Nursery Ideas

One fun part of planning for a baby is the nursery. I'm having a hard time deciding on bedding but considering we wont have an actual room for the baby until AFTER he's here (:( ) I have some time. But it's still fun to think about and Pin!

Check out all my pins:

Im loving the blue carpet and blue dresser in this room. We did get a white crib and white changing table.
I also plan on a white and grey rocker and glider. The drapes are pretty and give a nice pop of pattern too.

I really like the white rug and the wooden design. It's masculine and simple.

Tommy and I love elephants. And I love white accents. I think this would be another masculine attribute for baby's nursery.

I really love the chevron wall. and the draping on the wall.

I love the grey wall, the book shelf, chandelier, and netting. I also thing the striped blanket makes a great POP!

This wallpaper is my FAVORITE!

 I love the grey stripes! If you know me, you know I love stripes.
With the blue accent.

 Love the wall color and chevron with the white pop.

Love this wall color too!
and the off white furniture is adorable!

I love the grey and the bunch of paper balls.

Great wall color and I like the placement of the picture frames.

Again, Grey wall and I love the pictures! 

I love the stripes! and the mirror.

I like the draping above the crib in this picture.

 I love the vintage feel with the flag banner and the bright white dresser.

Now this, This is my favorite! I want to do this for sure.

CHEVRON!!!! and draping!!! with white furniture!! Love<3

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

23 Week Update!

How far along: 23 Weeks
Gender: Little man.
Weight gain: 10+ lbs.(24 week appt on Thursday)
Maternity clothes: Busting out. Having trouble buying maternity clothes, or ones I like for that matter.
Stretch marks: No.
Belly button in or out:In but definitely going to pop.
Sleep: Sleep is the ONLY time I'm comfortable.
Best moment this week: Getting our crib!
Worst moment this week: I'm in excruciating pain that wont go away at all. and getting a new office that is 1/3 of the size of my last ON the anniversary of my moms passing.
Miss anything: My mom. A normal back, energy, warm weather.
Movement: Constant. 
Cravings: Not many cravings. Just want to eat a lot.
Queasy or sick: No, just dying to sleep every chance I get.
Looking forward to: This pain going away!

Boy oh boy! It's a boy!

On January 27th we found out that baby Smith is a little boy!! We are Very excited and I can finally say "my son". Its totally weird but all sorts of amazing!!! We can't wait to meet our little nugget. The funny thing is when the Dr. told us it was a boy he actually said "OMG look at that thing!" haha. We are still talking about names but we both like Camden Thomas Smith. Tommy also really likes Liam, and I do also I just think Camden fits our style a little better than Liam.

I know I said I was going to take some new pictures. Well, I haven't yet because I have actually been in such terrible pain. My shoulder is so sore and there is nothing that makes it go away EXCEPT for sleeping. So getting out of bed is torture for me lately. Literally. And when the shoulder pain subsides for a minute I have awful toothaches and it feels like all of my teeth are going to fall out. I'm a mess, and getting cute for a camera is not what I feel like doing AT ALL! I'm just worried this stays this way until the baby is born. 4 more months of this is going to kill me. I'm hardly getting any work done at my office because I can't really concentrate on anything besides getting comfortable. I'm praying to God that this goes away or I'm going to be bed ridden! 
In other news, we received our changing table and our crib on top of our travel system! I am super excited for that. We also got a daddy diaper bag from Tommy's amazing friends! We got the Diaper Dude Diaper Bag from

He loves it and wants to use it as a work bag now. But, no.

I'm also having a really difficult time picking a crib set. I don't want something generic like you find in stores or online, so of course I'm glued to Etsy as usual! I have some time but I know its going to FLY by. That's ok because we want to use a bassinet first.

And here is a look at our little thumb sucker Himself!!!