Monday, January 19, 2015

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My peanut is getting big!

8.5 months old now. I cant even begin to tell you how happy this child makes me. He is the happy to my soul. A lot of things have changed as they will keep changing. I no longer breastfeed. Or E/P in my case. I started producing less and less at the 8 month mark and I also started a job in Manhattan so that gave me the push to stop all together considering my commute. My last pump was this week. It is a bittersweet feeling. I truly don't like the thought of formula as my sweet baby does not smell like a baby anymore..He smells like a vitamin cabinet. I miss the smell of his sweet spit up. There truly is no scent like it. I think every mother needs that scent to get through the first year. Ha. And I don't like that there is corn syrup in formula..BUT it is kind of a HUGE relief that I don't have to pump 4 times a day anymore. Well anyway he is onto table food and formula. Hes doing so well with the table food I am so proud of him.
Some things I give him include: Pancakes, Eggs,Chicken, Pasta, Cheese, Kiwi, Bread, Blueberries, Strawberries, Watermelon, Tomatoes, Black beans, Carrots, Green beans, Broccoli and peas. Just to name a few!
He's a healthy growing happy boy and I am so in love with his smile and his raspy little laugh. He also started crawling right after Christmas!
No teeth YET, No talking YET or walking.. but they are all right around the corner... as is his first birthday.. UGH. I cant even handle it.

Drawings for Grey's room

Lately i have been drawing little things for Greys room. I think it makes it more unique. Here are a few:



Raccoon Family


Elephant Painting

Chalk board

So we painted a chalk board in the kitchen hallway. We still have to frame it, but I love it.

Christmas Party in the City.

Tommy's Christmas Party was at Frames in NYC. We went down to Long Island and brought Greyson to see my sister Nancy. She babysat for us while we took the train in to Penn Station. We had a really great time since it was open bar. And as a former league bowler i have to say, I'm an awful bowler. LOL. 
Mima came to visit the next day and brought her amazing apple cinnamon cream cheese. TO DIE!

Eat Drink and Be Merry

Greys first Christmas!! We tried to keep this low key also. We just spent Christmas Eve with Tommy's family at his moms house. She made an amazing Italian Christmas eve dinner. So many cookies that Jaynie, Evan Taylor and I decorated (was so busy talking I didnt get pictures). Desert at my mother In-law's house is actually insane. She is such a great cook and a baker, I cant even handle it. Greyson got to see his uncles and aunts again. He loves them! On christmas day we opened gifts, Grey got an awesome speedster from Land of Nod-Land of Nod Speedster, some cute wooden toys we wanted, an adorable rhino rocker.We then went to my sister Nancys house and spent the day and night with my family. Which was also very chill, awesome food and lots of laughs. Greyson thoroughly enjoyed himself lol He also got an awesome Chair from Pottery Barn Kids-My First Chair.

Thanksgiving 2014

This year we were invited to my sister Tara's Mother in-law's house for Thanksgiving. We really enjoyed ourselves. The food was AMAZING and of course it was Greysons first, so we were wrapped up in him. It was very chill, no big to-do. Roasted Chestnuts, wine, homemade hummus (YUM) and the turkey was PERF. I wasn't feeling so well myself but made the best of it.