Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things I want to get for Grey

 This post is kind of  for me to just remember. So at this age and for the future, some things I want to get for Grey include the following:
(or along the lines of)

Musical book
Activity table 
High chair toy
Tommee Tippee bottles
Foam bath lettters
Bath mat
Bath toy holder
wood stackers
Walk along puppy

Trying to find teething toys that fit each childs needs is hard. That flexiloops is perfect for Grey! and the other teether is perfection! I love wooden toys so the stacker and the puppy make me happy!
Tommee Tippee bottles id like to try because he takes well to the binki and hes sterting to hate the playtex ventaire.

Life thus far with Greyson.

Well, I guess I can say I'm a terrible blogger. It's been over 2 months since I last blogged.But I am all wrapped up in my baby boy!We also moved in august and its been nonstop cleaning, painting, and unpacking! Greyson is just the most precious gift I could have asked for. He is now almost 5 months old, around 14 lbs and  a very happy boy. I am still giving him breast milk but I am EP. I also started him on oatmeal cereal this month which he LOVES. Here are some details about my boy.
His sleep schedule is a little different but since I am home with him I work on his schedule.
Heres an example
7am (depending on the day) he wakes up eats plays and goes back down around 8
9 am wakes up eats plays and goes back down around 10
11 am   wakes up eats plays and goes back down around 12
1 pm wakes up eats plays and goes back down around 2
3 pm wakes up eats plays and goes back down around 4
5 pm wakes up eats plays and goes back down around 6
7 pm wakes up eats plays bath (possibly another bottle) and sleeps for the night by 8:30-9:30

Some days are better than others. Some mornings he wakes up at 5am hungry but eats about 2 oz and falls back asleep until 7 or 8am.
Not sure how I feel about him sleeping for an hour and being up for an hour. If anyone has any input or advice I'm up for hearing it! 

His eating schedule I feel is different also
Heres an example:
I pump 9oz around  7am
            7 oz around 12 pm
            7 oz around 5 pm
            9 oz around 11 pm

7am: 5-6 oz
9am: 6 oz(including 2 oz used for cereal)
11am: 3-4 oz
1pm: 3-4 oz
3pm: 3-4
5pm: 3-4
7pm: 6 oz(including 2 oz used for cereal)
9pm: 3 oz
  30-32 oz on average (plus 2 cereal meals)

Play time:
so my 4 month old hates tummy time. Though, he will only sleep on his belly, hes pretty adamant about not doing it. I usually let him whine it out a bit because its important that he gets at least a few minutes a day.
He also seems to get very angry when hes over stimulated.

We have the O-ball which he seems to love until he tries to eat, hold look at and rattle all at once and then, meltdown because it's impossible. He loves his Raffy giraffe stuffed animal that his aunt Taylor got him and he also  likes the Dr. Browns Ridgee giraffe. So far hes not liking the Go Gaga teether he can't get a good grip and angle yet. He does like his Ele Elephant Circo security blanket. The nose makes it easy for him to bite.Also, he likes the Infantino play mat. the colors and shapes and animal friends entertain him. The musical elephant is my favorite, but the monkey is Grey's favorite.

My friend Natalie let me borrow her Bumbo seat until her little guy can use it. and its awesome!

As for his nursery, were still trying to find unique pieces to decorate but so far its pretty cute. I don't have any pictures but I will soon.

Here are some fabulous pictures of my little man: