Sunday, January 18, 2015


So I'm trying to catch up, AGAIN. Life has just been getting in the way of this blog. Better late than never. right?

Halloween 2014.
We decided to dress Grey up as Charlie Brown. Super cute! We just went around our complex and stopped at like 10 houses. It was cold. All the older women loved him, obviously. And I'm thinking back to our last Halloween and I'm really missing one of our neighbors. She was an older woman and she was the sweetest lady EVER. I used to help her carry laundry up her stairs and into her house. She would put notes in my door with money for Greyson. But last Halloween, I was pregnant and she came to my door in the Scream Ghost face mask and scared the crap out of me. Stupidly I opened the door and she creepily said "guess who"??? and I almost punched her.. LOL. But then she revealed herself and I let her know that she almost was knocked out. She couldnt help but laugh with me. ( One of those you had to be there kind of moments, I'm good for telling those)

Well as for the costume, I had a hand me down yellow polo onesie that I sharpied the zig zag on and little brown shorts and shoes. I used eyeliner to draw the curl on his head. It was perfect.

I also added a drawing of Snoopy on his stroller to help the new
And of course, I was a broken porcelain doll, and Tommy, well he was himself. 

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